Divorce Attorney: Legal Separations & Divorce

Divorce can not only be an emotional endeavor but, without an experienced divorce lawyer, like Kara S. Holtz, you risk unfair asset division, child support, spousal or partner support. At Holtz Law, we are committed to providing you the sound legal advice and representation you need.

Divorce Has the Potential of Being a Long Legal Process

Divorce can be a messy situation. Depending on your case, you may not only be involved in dividing up assets and resolving financial disputes but could be in the process of asking the court for a spousal or child support order. If your case is not handled with the utmost of care and experience, you risk sitting in the courtroom for months on end.

Trust is At the Heart of Holtz Law

Whether legal separation, divorce, or annulment, you may have heard horror stories from family or friends about what you should or should not be doing. Although with the best intentions, turning to family and friends for legal matters could set you up to not knowing your rights and an unfair divorce trial. After reviewing your case, we will inform you of your legal rights and provide you several options you can choose from should you move forward with official separation.

We Bring Value to Your Divorce Case

Holtz Law values providing our clients legal (and realistic) options that best fit their needs. We will look under every proverbial legal rock and corner, finding solutions to even the most difficult of circumstances. Please know that all of our solutions are tailor made to align with your specific case and yield the most benefits (be it financial or situational) to you. In order to do this, we will take the time to not just understand your case but get to know you.


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We also pride ourselves on being detail oriented. We focus on researching your case thoroughly so that come trial, you will receive the most fair divorce representation possible. Using the utmost attention to detail, we can help you avoid a drawn-out litigation process, saving your more time and money.

Holtz Law Is About Experience

Kara S. Holtz has been a practicing family law attorney for over two decades. She has experience mediating, litigating, and negotiating all family law areas, from spousal and child support to domestic violence and restraining orders.

Not only will your divorce case be in experienced hands but she prides herself on giving her clients the trust and respect you deserve.

Especially with the average of California divorces being finalized 6 months after papers are served, it can be a trying if not emotionally draining experience. However, know that you are not alone. At Holtz Law, we understand navigating the ins and outs of divorce is complicated, to say the least. For legal support in Northern California, contact Kara S. Holtz, experienced divorce lawyer in San Rafael and Redwood City. You may also call The Law Offices of Kara S Holtz at (451)-785-4129 (North Bay Office) or (650)-632-4380 (South Bay Office).