It is not the structure of a family but rather the quality of relationships within it that are most important. We assess our client’s situation realistically, while being careful to present options that help them make clear decisions based on facts. There are many different tools and options available to assist in making seamless transitions as a family changes shape.

Our goal is to tailor solutions that fit our client’s needs. We work diligently to facilitate constructive change. That change should be efficient and effective.


Being a problem solver is a foundational skill of any good attorney. People hire lawyers because they either have a problem, or are trying to avoid one. We help find solutions even when none are immediately apparent.

Not all problems are the same. Problem solving goes beyond good ideas that have worked in the past; it’s a skill that allows us to sometimes think creatively, finding solutions that are tailored to meet a client’s particular needs.


It’s often the small, unnoticed details that can make or break a case. We ask questions because we aren’t satisfied with accepting surface information. We know there may be more facts underneath the evidence presented. Our inquisitive nature pushes us to uncover that information.

We are reliable and attentive.
We can be reached by our clients at any time, even by cell.
Our actions are consistent with our words.

We know for a fact that a positive outcome depends on our belief in ourselves and in lighting every corner of a case. Our success depends on it.