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Meeting All Your Family Law Needs

Resolving legal matters that involve your family are difficult to navigate. Your life is intertwined with those of your family members, and legal issues that affect your relationships must be handled delicately.

Attorney Kara S. Holtz has been certified by The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization as an expert in family law: a Certified Family Law Specialist. Her preparation and dedicated, and ongoing training and education in such a sensitive legal area have contributed to an extensive track record of success helping families in California find resolutions.

Contact Holtz Law to schedule an appointment and discuss your family law matters. The firm offers complimentary consultations to evaluate your needs and to discuss available strategies to meet your needs.

You Matter To Us

Attorney Holtz understands that families sometimes require assistance resolving problems, and that sometimes legal action or settlement negotiations need to be handled by an attorney to address sensitive issues. She handles cases in which domestic abuse or familial neglect damages the physical, emotional and mental well-being of family members.

Attorney Holtz knows that these cases require expediency and tact, and she strives to provide victims with the legal protection they need. Attorney Holtz has handled more than 3000 domestic violence cases in her career.

From offices in San Rafael and Redwood City, the firm helps families with cases involving:

The firm operates on the pillars of reliability and attentiveness.

Work With Legal Experience You Can Trust

Send the firm an email or call 415-650-5506 to learn more about how attorney Holtz’s experience and expertise can benefit you in any family law matter you may have.