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Client Testimonials

“Robert and I wanted to thank you for all you’ve done for us regarding our case. You have gone above and beyond with our custody issue and you have also been very caring and compassionate towards us. We truly appreciate you and your professionalism. You are the best attorney!!” 

– Robert and Sonia C.

“I’m so thankful I found you. It was a scary process. Thank you for your heart and compassion with my situation. You represented me in court with courtesy, kindness, and professionalism.”

– Jennifer R.

“I don’t ever have the words to thank you for all that you’ve been to me… No matter where life takes me now, I will always be eternally grateful for the day we met… and will always consider you one of my life’s greatest blessings. From the very bottom of my heart-Thank you Kara!”

– Natasha

“You literally stood up in court and took a bullet for me, like you have done for thousands of women, with no other place to turn. You continue to push everything aside and fight for our right as mothers and human beings. The most thankless job in the world. But you are making a difference. Truly fighting a good fight until the bitter end. It wouldn’t be such an ugly world if there were more attorneys like you.”

– J.H.

“Mrs. Holtz helped me navigate through the process of my difficult situation including a two day trial with the end result being very positive for me and my children and we won our case.” 

– Robert C.

“Mrs. Holtz never missed returning a call and keeping me informed on the status of the case. Mrs. Holtz had to represent me in a trial and after witnessing her in action she is not one you would want to have on the opposing side. My case was quite complex and dealt with a history of domestic violence, a foreign custody order, child support enforcement, a restraining order and relocation. At the end of the custody battle she ensured that the best interest of my child and our family was protected. My family and I are forever grateful for her representing us and showing respect, compassion and professionalism throughout and even after the final hearing. I have judicial experience working as a deputy clerk and I have witnessed many attorneys go toe to toe in the courtroom. What makes Mrs. Holtz stand out and above others is her passion for her profession in family law, her strong work ethic and her ability to stay focused on the best interest of the children and families affected by family law battles.”

– Michele C.

“When I needed her the most, Kara was there on the phone guiding me, supporting me and finding resolutions that would help me and my two boys. I could never have navigated the courts, the emotions, the paperwork, without her.”

– Robert F.